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Stuff about me [Edits~]

*Polite wave* Here's some basic information about me ya know? Nice to meet ya!

Name: Lena Erikson

Age: 18

Birthday: May 11th 1858

Race: Dakota/Scandinavian/ and German (Typical american mutt)

Motto: L'Étoile du Nord (The star of the north)

Capitol: St. Paul

Nicknames:  "Land of 10,000 Lakes", "North Star State", "Gopher State", "Land of Sky-Blue Waters", "Bread and Butter State"

Sexuality: Straight as an arrow.


Minnesota is an overly nice and polite girl. Except when engrossed in a competition. She's quite shy and is a little naive when it comes to perverted things (it takes her a while to catch on). Minnesota likes the outdoors and strives to protect them, while she also likes to hunt and fish. Skiiing, hockey, sledding and snow sports in general are things she likes to do during the winter. While most states shun the very idea of cold weather, Minnesota likes to embrace it. Farming is another side hobby of hers during the summer. Lena is quite motherly and likes kids. 

Odd Personality quirks: 

Lena used to be French territory. She likes to think that France hasn't rubbed off on her but every now and then she will act quite amorous for a few seconds. Since Minnesota is mixed with country and city she can be both artsy and elite, but also a bit redneckish.


Minnesota was previously owned by Spain, and then had a good relationship with France until the Louisiana Purchase. She was involved with fur traders until the industrial revolution and migration to the west gave her a new job. Minnesota then became occupied with logging and being a lumberjack. But after seeing the devastation it caused, she later became an environmentalist. And she made sure she saved most of her forests to be enjoyed for generations to come. 

States she dislikes:

Lena tries to like everyone, but her and Wisconsin have a bit of a rivalry going on. She likes to poke fun at her neighboring states, including Illinois and his bad driving. Southern states might be viewed as ignorant or bothersome. Getting along with Lena is easy especially if you are a state that farms and has lots of woods.




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