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Sandbag? anyone?

It's not even spring yet, and it probably won't be until April....or in her case, March. But then again, there's no time to waste!. Lena is outside with a mountain of sandbags along a small river that runs by her house. There's a good two feet of snow on the ground, but that never stopped her before. Her Red River (well...it's shared) floods every spring, and this year is predicted to be the worst for the whole state. Of course, this major flooding is expected for the entire Midwest, so if you want her to spare you a couple of sandbags, she'd be more than happy to.
Tags: climax mn is located by the red river, finally posted with lena omg, flood prep, fun facts for everyone, red river ifyouknowwhatimean, you didn't need to know this
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