April 2nd, 2010


It's too hot out...already

Lena is NOT HAPPY about the sudden and abrupt weather change. In her region, it snows well into april, and things melt off around mid april or even may. Right now, temperatures are in the 50's...T-shirt weather!
She's feeling a just little feverish but her face is rather red, which makes things look worse than they really are. To relieve this discomfort, she casually sips a glass filled to the brim with ice.
It makes sense, since she's used to being completely covered in about a foot or more of snow during this time of the year. This is just minor discomfort, and it probably bothers her more mentally than anything else. As she internally implodes, her little woodland friends gather 'round to see what's up. There's a few squirrels, chipmunks, and bunnies scurrying around the room while her dogs are off outside, enjoying the weather.