April 21st, 2009


Killing boredom with...odd childhood games?

Lena sat in her room, scribbling in her notebook. She tried drawing, but she wasn't very good at that...
Sitting there for a long time, tapping her pencil against her notebook, she finally figured out a cure to ease the boredom. "That game! it was so funny when I was little. I'm sure it will give me SOME cure to this quiet"...
So Lena wrote down some names, numbers, cars, colors and places.
"Lou, Alex, Seth, Gabe, Eli" She said, shrugging and not really putting too much thought in what she wrote down. Tapping on each thing she wrote down, she crossed out each and slowly but surely, narrowed each category down.
"I'm marrying Gabe...I'll live in Duluth in a shack....One kid...blue van...and I'll be a teacher?"
She grumbled and scribbled over the whole page.
"Eh...first time doesn't count"...
She threw the piece to the ground and wrote down names, trying it again.

[ooc: Feel free to try it out on your character and post your results, if your character feels like it, that is. Here! you can also bother Lena if you feel like it~]