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For lulz

 Name 12 people you can think of right off the top of your head.

tagged people...please take this quiz


1. Pennsylvania

2. Rhode Island

3. Nebraska

4. Ohio

5. Indiana

6. Washington (east)

7. Washington (west)

8. Alaska

9. Massachusetts

10. New Hampshire

11. Florida

12. Illinois

((If I left anyone out I am sorreh D: )) 

1. how did you meet 3?

Football discussion~


2. what would you do if 2 and 6 were going out?


3. how long have you known number 8?



4.What do you think of number 7?

He's pretty friendly ya know?


5. what would you do if 4 confessed they loved you?

 I would probably want to get to know him better before anything happened...

6. A fact about 9?

 He makes good pie....

7. who is 2 going out with?



8. what does 5 do for a living?

Cars...racing.....a really scary place called "Gary".....


9.Would you live with 8?

Her house is pretty much like mine. But lots of mountains!

10. Where does 4 live?



11. What do you like about number 1?

He's friendly....loudly friendly XD

12. Is number 6 your best friend?

We get along great!


13. Do you miss number 1 and 2?


14. What is your opinion of number 11?

 I want to live at his house.....I miss the warm sometimes....


15. Would you ever go out with number 3?

*Head tilt* would have to get to know him heh...


16. What would you do if 3 and 1 were going out?



17. Ever gone somewhere with number 10?

No but we like lakes and forrest, right?


18. Would you ever go out with 12?

Maaaayybbbeee.....he needs to learn how to drive better. And maybe be more polite...


19. Have you ever slept over at 1's house?

Eh!? No. 
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