Sandbag? anyone?

It's not even spring yet, and it probably won't be until April....or in her case, March. But then again, there's no time to waste!. Lena is outside with a mountain of sandbags along a small river that runs by her house. There's a good two feet of snow on the ground, but that never stopped her before. Her Red River ('s shared) floods every spring, and this year is predicted to be the worst for the whole state. Of course, this major flooding is expected for the entire Midwest, so if you want her to spare you a couple of sandbags, she'd be more than happy to.

It's too hot out...already

Lena is NOT HAPPY about the sudden and abrupt weather change. In her region, it snows well into april, and things melt off around mid april or even may. Right now, temperatures are in the 50's...T-shirt weather!
She's feeling a just little feverish but her face is rather red, which makes things look worse than they really are. To relieve this discomfort, she casually sips a glass filled to the brim with ice.
It makes sense, since she's used to being completely covered in about a foot or more of snow during this time of the year. This is just minor discomfort, and it probably bothers her more mentally than anything else. As she internally implodes, her little woodland friends gather 'round to see what's up. There's a few squirrels, chipmunks, and bunnies scurrying around the room while her dogs are off outside, enjoying the weather.

Chopping up some warmth!

Lena works hard outside wearing a nice flannel shirt, jeans, and boots. To top it all off she threw on a bomber hat. When she heard HQ had a fire place she immediately ran outside with her double headed axe and got to work, chopping away at a decent sized tree.

When that was finished, she worked on sawing and de branching the pine. Feel free to bother her, it's nice to have a conversation while you work. Lena's just nostalgic at the moment...or maybe she's venting. Who knows?


A Very nicely written sign is on Lena's door, after listening to Garrison Keilor...she decided to share this lovely new idea with everyone....which is probably a terrible idea. Not that she thinks so or anything...

☆ Wobegonics 101 ☆

Now taught by Lena Erickson

Feel free to sign up! Lessons are for free.

If ya don't know about Wobegonics, read or listen to this informative sketch right HERE


Has anyone seen the news today?

A Usually quiet voice beamed from her room, reading the sports pages.

THIS is the best news ever!...
next to the much needed rain for the corn, and MAYBE a decision made on the senate....Oh! and some warmer weather would be nice. Did I mention that its 40 degree's in da nort? yah....OH! but the soybeans are doing ok....

Lightening the mood I guess?

Lena sat in her room and decided to organize it a little. She looked in her closet and found an old box of movies. She rummaged through her movies, which include: Drop Dead Gorgeous, Grumpy Old Men (1 and 2), New in Town, and Miracle. She set them down and sighed, none of them seemed entertaining at the moment. So she reached for a new box when a small VHS tape fell and smacked her on the head. Grumbling, she held it up and wiped the dust off of it. Beaming with joy she shoved it in her old VHS player and left the movie playing while she continued to clean.

Quite pleased with herself now, she stood on a stool and searched the room some more, and shoved in a small corner in her closet was another box of sorts. Not really recalling the memory of putting it there, she opened it and her eyes widened. The box was full of porn and she guessed Sven had put it there. Her first instinct was to tell him that her room wasn't a storage bin for immoral crappy skin videos, but her curiosity got the better of her and giving the door to her room one look over, she reached into the box. Inside was an odd mix of girlxgirl, guyxguy, hetero, and some were even animated. Her mouth gaped and she looked at the door again, and she looked at one of the guyxguy tapes.

Its...animated so its not like its real...right?
She thought out loud while tilting her head at the DVD case. She set it back in the box and continued to watch her little nostalgia trip video.

Killing boredom with...odd childhood games?

Lena sat in her room, scribbling in her notebook. She tried drawing, but she wasn't very good at that...
Sitting there for a long time, tapping her pencil against her notebook, she finally figured out a cure to ease the boredom. "That game! it was so funny when I was little. I'm sure it will give me SOME cure to this quiet"...
So Lena wrote down some names, numbers, cars, colors and places.
"Lou, Alex, Seth, Gabe, Eli" She said, shrugging and not really putting too much thought in what she wrote down. Tapping on each thing she wrote down, she crossed out each and slowly but surely, narrowed each category down.
"I'm marrying Gabe...I'll live in Duluth in a shack....One van...and I'll be a teacher?"
She grumbled and scribbled over the whole page.
"Eh...first time doesn't count"...
She threw the piece to the ground and wrote down names, trying it again.

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